作者/来源:admin   发表时间:2019-03-22 1、当初说没有了对方会活不下去现在你死了吗?Had said that the other party will not live now you die?2、世界上最大的乐趣就是分享,无论爱情还是友情。The greatest joy in the world is to share, whether love or friendship.3、一些言语,不是表情可以代替的,不要每次都当作无所谓。Some words, not expressions can be used instead of, do not have to do every time.4、夜深人静,唯有自己走在孤独的道路上。抽支烟点燃寂寞。Night, only you walk a lonely road. Smoke a cigarette to light the loneliness.5、把别人对自己的好当成是种恩赐;回报,是为了不欠你什么。To put others on their own good as a gift; in return, is to do not owe you anything.6、曾经美好过,最后却伤心走了。Once a good, but sad to go.7、你仍是我的软肋,却不在是我的盔甲。You are still my weakness, but not in my armor.8、爱情怎么能容许介入,心酸怎么能说清楚。How can love allow intervention, how sad to say clearly.9、下辈子我要做你的心脏,我难受了,疼的是你。The next life I want to be your heart, I suffered, the pain is you.10、忘了你,甚至忘了我自己。Forget you, forget me.11、用一杯水的单纯,面对一辈子的复杂。With a glass of pure water, in the face of the complexity of a lifetime.12、每个人都会遇见那么一个人,永远无法忘却,也永远不能拥有。Everyone will meet a person, never forget, and never have.13、属于我光芒四射的笑容,我何处寻找?The smile that belongs to me, where I am looking for?14、你单身不是因为你不够好,而是说明目前还没有人配得上你。You are single not because you are not good enough, but that there is no one worthy of you.15、你要知道,他偶尔的关心不是余情未了,而是出于礼貌。You know, he care not to feel contrite but polite.16、给你倾城的温柔,恋我半世的流离。Give you the tender, love me half of the displaced.17、你的记忆,残存着你我依昔的记忆;我的记忆,却填满了写你的日记。Your memory, the memory of you and me in the past; my memory, but filled with writing your diary.18、渔船孤灯寒风彻骨冰冷不及你言语半分。Fishing on a cold to cold than half of your speech.19、并不是不想拥有,只是怕拥有后失去,更怕失去后,以怀念度日。Not do not want to have, just afraid of losing, more afraid to lose, to remember to live.20、悲伤因为你,快乐却不是你。Sad because of you, happiness is not you.21、你从不给我海誓山盟,是我自作多情,还是你本就冷漠。You never give me my love, or exchange solemn vows and pledges, the indifference to you.22、从你忍心伤害我的那一刻起,我就知道,我的感受,你一定从没考虑过。From the moment that you have the heart to hurt me, I know, I feel, you must never think about it.23、其实你就是一颗沙子,可惜的是,我的眼里容不得沙子。In fact, you are a sand, but unfortunately, my eyes can not tolerate sand.24、风吹吹就过了,人笑笑就散了。The wind blows over, people laughing on the loose.25、累了,疲倦了,不会在爱你了。Tired, tired, not in love with you.26、安慰我的人很多,但站出来为我说话的人一个也没有。Comfort me a lot, but the people who stand up for me dont have one.27、一次原谅,会换来两次背叛。A pardon, will change for the two betrayal.28、有些话劝得了别人,却劝不了自己。Some words to persuade others, but not to persuade themselves.29、上辈子我欠你的,这辈子我来还,这辈子你欠我的,下辈子来还我。Last life I owe you, this life I also, this life you owe me, the next life to me.30、比失去妳更令我傷心的事是,妳都沒有為了和我在壹起而努力過。Than losing you makes me sad is that you do not have to work with me in one.31、违心话说得太多听得自己都发呕。Will hear myself talk too much hair oh.32、你说要保护我,后来的大风大浪却也都是你给的。You say you want to protect me, then the strong wind and big waves are also to you.33、如果错过了最初想牵的那双手,往后的日子就会不停的寻找和将就。If you missed the first to pull the hands, the next day will not stop looking for and will.34、能笑到快要断气的人自然也可以哭得无声无息。People can laugh to breath naturally can cry soundless and stirless.35、前面的路还很远,你可能会哭,但是一定要走下去,一定不能停。The road ahead is still a long way, you may cry, but must go on, must not stop.36、你朝我伸出手的时候,我以为这一生都可以跟你走。When you reach out to me, I thought I could go with you all my life.37、像一名打了败仗的将军,承受着一小我的兵荒马乱。As a defeated general, under a persons war.38、你有足够努力让未来看见你吗?你知道别人在拼命你怎么好意思浪费时间。Do you have enough effort to see you in the future? You know what others desperately why the fuck are you wasting time.39、原来,有些事过得再久,想起来的时候还是一样的难过。Originally, there are some things to remember for a long time, or the same sad.40、沉默并比代表我懦弱,这是我的智慧。To be silent is to be weak, it is my wisdom.41、你做了我的逃兵,却成了她的盖世英雄。You did me a deserter, became her the greatest hero in the world.42、原来,有很多事情,在转身的时候才发现,原来它与爱情无关。Originally, there are a lot of things, when turned around, only to find that it has nothing to do with love.43、我不敢说和谁关系很好,我怕是我一个人自作多情。I dare not say who is a very good relationship, I am afraid I love a person.44、时光真残忍,夺取了好多,却告诉我那是成长。Time is cruel, captured a lot, but tell me that is growing.45、说太多,不如沉默。想太多,我会难过。Say too much, not as silent. Think too much, I will be sad.46、会不会哪天,我走进你心里,却看到了别人。Will not be the day, I walked into your heart, but saw others.47、我们没有说再见,只是很默契的不再打扰对方。We do not say goodbye, just a tacit agreement no longer disturb each other.48、有时候先说晚安的人,只是为了让对方先睡自己却一个人失眠。Sometimes the first person to say good night, just to let the other side to sleep, but a persons sleep.49、装腔作势是生命力旺盛的象征,虚荣心强是年轻的标志。Is a symbol of vitality, vanity is a young mark.50、一切的一切,都是我在咎由自取,怪不得别人。All in all, all is me in to blame, blame.51、有一次,你说爱我。那一瞬间,我以为是永远。Once, you said you love me. That moment, I thought it was forever.52、我回过头去,看到成片的记忆。慢慢的,全是你走过的痕迹。I turned back and saw a piece of memory. Slowly, all the traces of you.53、有没有一个地方,让我可以不惧悲伤的躲藏!There is no place, let me not be afraid of sad hide!54、年轻的泪水不会白流痛苦和骄傲这一生都要拥有。Young tears will not flow the pain and pride in this life must have.55、你从不揣摩我的心思,却还责怪我善变难懂。You never try to figure out my mind, but I also blame fickle and difficult.56、有些事不像沙岸上的脚迹,海水一来就能抹平。Some things like sand on the track, the sea would be smooth.57、说分手的是我念念不忘的也是我。Say good-bye is my obsession is me.58、我知道你很矜持,拉不下脸来追我,我理解你,所以我追你。I know you are very reserved, ashamed to chase me, I understand you, so I follow you.59、别放弃,也许你喜欢的人也正在喜欢着你。Dont give up, maybe the one you love is loving you.60、为什么你距离我很近,我却拿着放大镜也看不见你的身影。Why you are close to me, I took a magnifying glass can not see your shadow.61、如果不是真心,请不要对我太好,我很傻,会当真。If it is not true, please do not be too good for me, I am very silly, will take it seriously.62、慢慢的长大了却感觉变沉默了,懂得多了却不快乐了。Slowly grew up but I was silent, but do not know more happy.63、那些离别和失望的伤痛,已经发不出声音。The pain of parting and despair, has made no sound.64、人生有两种境界,一种是痛而不言,另一种是笑而不语。There are two realms of life, one is pain, the other is laughter, and the other is not language.65、自尊丢到墙角,掏出所有的好,你还是沉默。Pride in the corner, all of Des good, you still silent.66、我想到了与你的未来种种意外,却忘了考虑你会不在。I thought of all the unexpected with your future, but forgot to consider that you will not be in.67、你觉得你朋友多吗?下雨天在通讯录里你也许都找不到一个可以送伞的人。Do you think you have a lot of friends? You may not find a person who can send an umbrella in the address book.68、说过要留长发,可还是熬不过夏天,就像说过要一直喜欢,却敌不过时间。Said to have long hair, can still survive the summer, is said to have been love, but cant beat time.69、你认为我的热情长年无休取之不尽用之不竭吗?Do you think my enthusiasm to break the inexhaustible?70、一个人时,善待自己;两个人时,善待对方。Be good to yourself when you are alone, and be good to one another when you are together。71、一句我喜欢你,说了多少次,换了多少人。I like you, say how many times, how many people.72、我不喜欢主动联系别人,但绝不是不在乎。I dont like to contact other people, but I dont care about it.73、谁卑微了承诺,放肆了寂寞,又丢下了我?Who betrayed the promise, unbridled lonely, and left behind me?74、在我的生命中,我需要的是有人让我觉得被爱着,而不是被利用了。In my life, I need someone to make me feel loved, not used.75、最糟糕的一种感觉是,你无法爱上别人,只因你依然留恋那个伤害你的人。The worst feeling is that you cant fall in love with someone else, because you still miss the person who hurt you.76、每个没心没肺的人,背后都有一个掏心挖肺的曾经。Each Meixinmeifei person, behind there was a dig heart and lungs.77、我本不该拥抱太过炽热的梦,比如明天,比如你。I shouldnt have embraced too much, like tomorrow, like you.78、原来地久天长,只是误会一场。Originally forever, just a misunderstanding.